Outdoor Target Stand

Outdoor Target Stand

The time has come to swap out our old target stands for new ones.  It also worked as a great way to do work hours during a pandemic when gathering in a group isn’t a great idea for everybody in the club.  We chose a design that will be sturdy, mobile, and foldable if we need it.  It can be built by amateurs (like me!) with a drill, a saw, a screwdriver, and some spare time.  And this way our youth members could still break down the field without needing to carry the stands, and we can host multi-distance events more easily by having rolling target stands.

We had an older blurry drawing which we cleaned up and added some illustrations.  In case it helps anyone else, here are the design drawings.

(Updated 4/12/2021)


PDF: 2021 WRC Target Plan (4/12/2021)

SVG: 2021 WRC Target Plan (18MB) (4/12/2021)

NOTES: Inevitably, there are some notes to clarify things and make the build easier.

  • The “arms”, (yellow), rotate upward and outward in order to connect to the rear (pink/magenta) uprights.  So it helps that arms’ front connection hole is drilled a bit wider than 3/8″.
  • If you fold these up frequently, the rear connection of the arms (yellow), needs to be able to be bolted and unbolted by hand.  So it helps for those holes to be drilled a bit wider than 3/8″, as well.
  • This Hex bolt is what I used for the wheel axles. (Grip Fast® 1/2″-13 x 5″ Zinc Grade 8 Hex Bolt )

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