Ideal Archery Shooting Facility

From a, I wanted to write out a list of the suggestions for an idea (or, fantasy, really) archery shooting facility. What would you need? What would you want? I’ll keep adding to this one as I get more ideas.

Ideal Archery Shooting Center

Outdoor Archery:

  • Outdoor range with available covered shooting positions. (out to 90M, 200Y wide)
    • With lights at shooting positions and targets
    • Some section of with setup with bleachers for head-to-head tournament viewing
  • Two Field courses — basic and advanced (extreme angles and shooting conditions)
  • 3-D practice range, can also set up the targets on the field courses
  • Rentable scopes/tripods for long distance shooting.

Indoor Archery:

  • Multiple indoor ranges
    • Tune-up
    • Short (up to 30M)
    • Long (out to 90M)
  • For competitions:
    • Easy range access for bow stands and getting on/off the line
    • Plenty of space to setup/breakdown equipment
  • Cameras in place (or rentable) for recording sessions.
  • Special high-speed camera lane.
  • Possibly a special “coaching” lane with cameras always setup.
  • Cameras set up to point at your target for a close-up of your arrow.
    • For long-range indoor shooting
    • For Competitions
  • Good audience viewing area for tournaments (or parents during coaching sessions)
    • Possibly raised up to be on the second level above the shooters
    • (Optional whether to make this sound-separated so that parents can’t interefere…)
    • Viewscreens for showing close-ups of targets.
  • Lighting Options:
    • Natural lighting available (when available)
    • Special Adjustable lighting lanes — for learning how to adjust to lighting changes
  • Field Archery Simulation Lanes
    • Adjust angle of target (60 degrees up to 60 degrees down)
    • Adjust lighting


  • Available great coaches
  • Walk-in equipment rental
    • Enough for a beginner class
    • So you can invite non-shooters to come try.
  • Target faces available for purchase
  • Attached to or close to a shop and a great bow mechanic
    • With tools/workbench rental for self-work time.
  • Frequent competitions/leagues
    • With ranges available for non-competitive uses during league and competition time
  • Arrow-pulling caddies – local middle school kids to run and pull arrows for you…
  • Timer clocks for competitions — no more stop-lights and guessing
  • PA system with understandable announcements.

Non-Archery Good Stuff

  • Close to home. For everyone. (so… teleporter)
  • Good Coffee
  • Nice Lounge area.
  • Library of Archery books
  • Water/Drinks/Food/Kitchen available
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Heat/AC
  • Ample Parking
  • Private property, so as not to be at the whim of the local parks department.
  • Wireless Internet / Good Cellphone reception
  • Playground for bored young’uns
  • Quiet room for doing homework/coaching/prayer
  • Campsite / RV hookups for traveling shooters during multi-day tournaments
  • Close to hotels / restaurants / “I forgot something shopping”
  • A wall/screen for projecting outdoor movies.
  • Masseusse

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