Field Notes

Field Notes

The 2019 North Region Field Championships is another installment of the tournament that has been running at Chicago Bow Hunters for many years now.  Field Archery is similar to golf, where there are targets placed along a walking course, and you compete at each target in sequence.  The targets are different distances away, different heights up and down, and may have other challenges, like no comfortable place to stand, or crazy light-and-shadow making aiming difficult.

I shot with Tim, Mark and Steve.  The weather was excellent, but the previous weeks of rain made the group extremely muddy.  Day 1 was extremely good for me.  I had several excellent distance estimates, and very good arrow flights to make those estimates count.  Due to a slight wobble from the overall winner, I ended up with the highest score in my division for Day 1!  Day 2 was a regression back to average.  I had a problems with the loose nut behind the bow.  I had three shots where I just didn’t have the sight set correctly, so something was happening between looking in my notes and taking the shot.  So I recommend being paranoid and triple-checking your settings each time.

Overall, I ended up in 2nd place, which is far better than I usually do at this tournament!  Field Archery is always a challenge, because it requires so much preparation, and there are so many things that require excellence in order to do well.  It’s nearly impossible to excel at all of them.  This year it seems like I picked a better subset of those to be well-prepared with than usual.


I especially like the photo of Tim shooting, because the photo catches his arrow in flight.  It’s there, inside the oval.

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